About Us

At Doors & Drawers, we are a custom wood and steel company. We haven't tried to re-invent the wheel, we just stick to doing the basics well. We take responsibility for our work and are proud of what we use our energy to create. Our design is beautiful and we take the time to make things properly. 
All our designs are one offs, no templates, no moulds, no production line. From conceptualisation through to designing and manufacturing, everything is unique and we end up having to work a little harder, put in a little more effort, and in the end create something a little more special.

Our Manufacturing Ethos

We aspire to make the best product we can, we take no short cuts, work hard and use the knowledge that the experience of trial and error has beaten into us. We still cut mortise and tenons, we still cut dove tails but although you will never see them on the face of our work we are not afraid to use screws, modern joining techniques and machines. We love the old ways, but wherever we can, we marry them with modern product developments.


Our work is a reflection of who we are.

Our Furniture

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